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Device-as-a-Service will transform your Contact Centre

Learn how this flexible computer hardware service will reduce your costs

save you money and give you complete flexibility.

Don’t kill your budget BUYING COMPUTERS
for your CONTACT CENTRE Seats 

In your CONTACT CENTRE operation, the need to be agile is critical. Your seat numbers go up and down and nothing is ever guaranteed. When it comes to investing in IT hardware,  here are the GOLDEN RULES … and why RENTING YOUR IT EQUIPMENT should always be your first choice.

  • CASH IS KING: never spend your Contact Centre’s cash on depreciating assets like the computing equipment at your seat stations. Always RENT.
  • FLEXIBILITY IS ESSENTIAL: Make sure that as your number of seats expand or contract, so do your fixed costs so that you are never out of pocket.
  • GET THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: With DaaS, you get the exact specifications you need for the specific client, so you are not overpaying for specs you don't need, or sitting with hardware that is below specification. (When you buy hardware, you have to live with that choice).
  • MAXIMISE YOUR TAX BENEFITS: Get the tax benefit immediately of any cash you spend on your equipment rentals. If you purchase upfront, you have spent the cash but can only claim the expense for tax purposes over 36 months (depreciation). When you rent, each rand you spend is deductible in that tax period. Immediately. This helps simplify your budget, and know exactly how much money you are making now.
  • KEEP YOUR BALANCE SHEET CLEAN: Wipe those depreciating assets off your Contact Centre’s balance sheet - it will make for a much cleaner, simpler and far more salable business.
  • PASS ALL YOUR RISKS ON TO YOUR IT RENTAL PARTNER: From theft, to damage, to repair costs, to insurance claims, logistics and the management of every single aspect of the hardware, the rental company will take care of the lot.
  • CERTAINTY: Fix your costs. Especially now, IT budgets cannot be variable - the only thing that can vary is the number of seats, up or down.
  • ENSURE UPTIME: Every second costs money. If a device doesn’t work, swap it out - and if you have 25 seats or more, you'll get free swapout devices alongside your order. Uptime is, well, guaranteed
  • SUPPORT FOR HOME BASED AGENTS: Many Contact Centre’s today have a hybrid model - some working from the office and some from home, making IT support a challenge - rather just lean on the logistics and technical capabilities of a provider that has the infrastructure to support your distributed assets. 

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Go Rentals is a proud member of BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa)

South Africa is a world class location for international companies to offshore their business processes. We are committed to supporting the growth of the contact centre market in South Africa as it stimulates local job creation.

What are the trends in South Africa?

Contact Centres using DaaS have a competitive edge

"Contact Centres across South Africa have gotten rid of all their own hardware management headaches by moving to DaaS, and it's not just a South African trend”, says GO Rentals CEO Evan Berger, "it is happening globally.  Of all our offerings, DaaS is by far the preferred choice by Contact Centres".

“Once Contact Centres witness how renting their IT hardware with a full service contract positively impacts their businesses, they rarely buy hardware”, says Ron Keschner, Sales and Marketing Director of Go Rentals - it really provides the perfect solution for all Contact Centre operators, large or small”.

To compete in this space, Contact Centres with flexible seats have an undisputed advantage.

If you are a Contact Centre owner or manager you must consider DaaS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DaaS?

DaaS is Device-as-a-Service. It is a rental service that allows you to pay for your business computer hardware just like you do for software - as a simple monthly cost per user. With DaaS, all the costs of maintenance and insurance  are bundled into this simple fee. It allows you to better budget for your IT hardware costs and give you the flexibility to scale up and down based on your needs.

How do I sign up for DaaS?

Contact us and one of our sales agents will guide you through the process. 

Do I need to pay anything upfront for DaaS?

DaaS is a monthly payment with no upfront fees. (When you apply for an account with us we will guide you through the process. A small security deposit may occasionally be required)

How quickly can I get delivery?

DaaS is a lot quicker than buying! We have stock on hand and can deliver within days, depending on your requirements and location.

Can DaaS be used for work-from-home agents?

Yes! No matter how many agents you have, we deliver and support nationally. Managing your own hardware for agents working from home is  a huge challenge. We do it well. Allowing us to handle the logistics gives you more time to focus on your business. 

Can I use DaaS with our existing hardware?

You can continue to use your existing hardware, and add DaaS for your new requirements. We also offer a buy-back your old hardware to help you get set up on DaaS.

Can I return Computers before the end of the rental?

We provide flexibility to allow you to return some of the equipment at any time, no questions asked! Plus, all our contracts have early exit options for a simple fee, that doesn't require you to pay the full outstanding rental.

Some T's & C's do apply.

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